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More Snowbirds Calling Florida Home

APRIL 5, 2013 by ge.admin

Florida Snowbird Map

 Within the last decade, a great number of snowbirds—Northerners who vacation to the tropical climes of Florida during the winter—have decided to call Florida home.  With the recently overwhelming snowstorms in the northern states and bizarre cold snaps across the nation, it is no wonder that many vacationers have decided to stay permanently.  Florida’s pristine beaches, mild climates, and diverse wildlife are only a few of the things this great state has to offer—and what’s more, it very rarely, if ever, snows.  To read more, click here:

Setting Up Shop

In addition to calling Florida home, many new southerners have found that Florida is a great location to start up a business.  A number of people have opened satellite locations of their businesses in Florida, and some even center their operations here.  With the tourism industry holding steady and innumerable travelers escaping the frigid north, numerous snowbirds have found that their Florida operations are among their most profitable endeavors.

Finding the Perfect Home

Picking up and moving across the country can be a daunting task for those snowbirds considering a permanent stay in Florida and Brevard County.  However, many great tools are at the public’s disposal.  Brevard County real estate agents and brokers use the Brevard MLS, allowing them to disseminate concrete, pertinent information on the available homes in the area and to share this information with their clients.  Now is one of the best times to buy a home in Brevard County, and finding the perfect home is easier than ever thanks to this great tool.

Many business owners from the north have found that their Florida enterprises are booming.  Florida offers pleasant weather year round, among many other amenities.  Now is one of the best times to buy a home.  The choice is clear—come to Florida today!