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5 Smart Home Devices that Help You Save on Energy Costs

Posted: April 26th, 2024

Smart Technology is More Accessible than Ever

If you’re in the market for a new refrigerator, we’re guessing you’ve seen more than one “smart” refrigerator in your research. And the smart tech doesn’t stop there: a quick search of any electronics or appliances retailer will give you results for smart thermostats, smart air purifiers, smart bulbs, smart outlets, smart home security systems, and beyond. In current times, you’re just a few online purchases away from having a completely outfitted smart home.

According to Techopedia, a smart device is an “electronic gadget that is able to connect, share and interact with its user and other smart devices.” Since the advent of the smartphone, tech developers have been seeking new ways to simplify people’s daily lives by enabling devices of all kinds to communicate with each other and automate certain tasks. As such innovations continue to improve, people are reaping significant benefits from applying smart technology to standard home appliances, like dryers, refrigerators, and lights.

While smart technology used to seem like a space-age novelty, it’s rapidly becoming more commonplace and, even more importantly, more affordable. We’re guessing you have at least one smart device in your home right now!

How Smart Technology Can Benefit Your Household

To the uninitiated, smart technology may seem like a gimmick, but installing smart devices in your home can benefit your household in a number of ways.

Quick maintenance and repairs

Most smart appliances can detect potential maintenance issues and will alert you when problems arise. These can be fairly simple, like a notification that you’ve left your refrigerator door open, or they can let you know about more serious issues, like an alert to clean out a clogged dryer vent. You’ll relieve stress and save time by staying ahead of the game and resolving such issues before they turn into bigger headaches.


One of the best features of smart home technology is that you can control several different devices from one hub–most likely, your smartphone. At the touch of a button, you’ll be able to adjust the temperature of your thermostat, turn on your living room lights, and play music through your speakers as you arrive home from work. Better yet, some hubs allow you to create custom automations so you can customize your surroundings depending on the circumstances, e.g. turning off all lights and raising your thermostat temperature the moment you leave your home.

Streamlined chores

Your typical household chores shouldn’t be too taxing, but they do take time. If something could reduce a few steps per chore, think of all the time you could save throughout your day! Your smart devices can automatically measure and dispense detergents, preheat ovens, make the grocery list, change cycles, and beyond. Spring cleaning becomes easy breezy with the help of some properly utilized smart appliances.

Energy efficiency

Last but certainly not least, smart devices can bring you big savings on energy bills while making your home more eco-friendly. Your smart devices can be set to automatically run outside of peak hours; they can shut off completely when you’re out of usage range; and (as we mentioned above) they can alert you to any maintenance issues that may be causing the device to run less efficiently. Smart devices may cost more up front, but you’ll very quickly see the savings on your monthly utility bill.

Reduce Your Energy Spend with These Smart Appliances

These smart appliances are relatively easy to install, simple to operate, and offer spectacular energy savings.

Smart thermostats

Smart thermostats are among the most common smart upgrades in the contemporary household. These seemingly simple devices have a number of features that can help you achieve the ideal indoor temperature at all times. You can automatically raise the temperature when you leave home, start cooling the house before you arrive, and even set your optimal money-saving temperature based on peak cooling times. Air conditioning tends to take up the largest portion of our energy costs here in Central Florida, so a solution to that energy guzzling should show you instant savings. 

Smart bulbs

How often do you enter a room to find you’ve left the light on all day? Light bulbs can be big energy wasters if they’re left on while you’re not using them. With smart bulbs, you can ensure all your lights are off when you’re away. There are a couple other added bonuses: many smart bulbs are energy-saving LED bulbs, so you’re getting double the energy-saving benefits. Additionally, smart bulbs are a great safety feature as you’re able to control them remotely while you’re away from home or traveling. 

Smart washers and dryers

According to the EPA, your clothes dryer is the biggest energy hog in your household. Pair this with the water usage from your washing machine and you’re looking at big utility bills. Smart washers and dryers work in coordination to select the appropriate drying cycles for each unique load of clothing; you can adjust the heat and cycle time to reduce energy consumption, and you can also interrupt the cycle early from the convenience of your smartphone. And, as we mentioned before, smart repair and maintenance reminders can help you save in the long run!

Smart sprinkler systems

Your home can be smart both inside and outside! Smart sprinkler systems can connect to local weather forecasts to schedule your sprinkler sessions depending on the current climate conditions. No more watering your lawn during a thunderstorm–your smart sprinkler system will help you conserve precious water and keep your yard healthy, too.

Smart refrigerators

According to Schneider Electric, your refrigerator accounts for about 10% of the energy usage reflected in your monthly bill. Smart refrigerators help you save by giving you full control of your temperature and humidity settings right from your phone. You’ll receive an alert if you’ve left the fridge door open, and you’ll get notifications if the temperature isn’t consistent with your settings. What’s more, you’ll also save money on groceries and reduce your food waste, since you’ll be able to keep track of expiration dates and climate control specific zones of your refrigerator to maintain optimum freshness for different foods.

Do You Live in a Smart Home?

How many of these smart home devices do you already use in your home? Whether you upgraded to smart devices for the increased efficiency or simply for the convenience, you’ll most likely notice regular energy savings with proper device setup and usage. If you’re building, renovating, or updating your home and you’re curious about smart home improvements, talk to a design professional at our sister company, Echelon Builders. Call 321-339-0320 today.