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Negotiating The Purchase

You'll be happy you hired us

Hiring the right Brevard County real estate professional to represent your interests will become obvious during this portion of the purchasing process. We have devoted our time to perfecting a career in real estate. Continuous education, market research, and vast sales experience give us the edge in finding the right price for a property. Using a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), past sales data, market trends, desktop appraisals and current builder discounts will help us establish limits for our offer. The way a Broker writes a contract is critical to the negotiating process.

Inspections addendum, appraisals addendum, and "as-is" status all play into the processes of finding the right Win-Win situation for every transaction. Focusing on the wrong items can cost you thousands of dollars. Your Team needs to have a great rapport with other agents, professionalism, the ability to negotiate what is important to you when it counts. You don't get what you deserve - you get what you negotiate.

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