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Schools in Cocoa

Einstein Montessori Academy
(321) 631-9876

Einstein Montessori Academy is a private school located at 5650 FL-520 in Cocoa, FL. This school has approximately 86 students in grades 2-10 and a student to teacher ratio of 10:1. Einstein Montessori Academy prides itself on a unique academic curriculum and is specifically geared towards teaching students who are dyslexic, this is accomplished by allowing them to flourish in an environment that allows them to be anxious free. Children that suffer from dyslexia are often high aptitude thinkers who place emphasis on thinking outside of the box and solving problems despite issues with spelling, reading and writing.

There have been studies which prove that children who suffer from dyslexia learn best when receiving high intensity/high quality instruction, in small groups. That’s why this school uses a curriculum which supports creative thinking, hands-on lab projects and Socratic questioning, this curriculum enables students with dyslexia to flourish. Einstein schools are proud of the fact that they have achieved the highest reading improvements in the state and has been recognized by the Center for Education Reform (CER) as having one of the top literacy programs in the country. Check out their website for more information.

St. Mark's Episcopal Academy
(321) 639-5771

St. Mark’s Episcopal Academy is a Private Elementary School located in Historic Cocoa Village at 2 Church Street. This school has students in grades Pre-K-6 and has approximately 115 students with a student to teacher ratio of 12:1. With a lengthy reputation for high quality academic achievement, St. Mark’s is proud to offer a gifted-endorsed facility, small class sizes, opportunities for enrichment and physical education and most importantly a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) powered curriculum, your child is sure to thrive there. The STEAM curriculum focuses on brain stimulation and creativity. St. Mark’s Episcopal Academy has been serving students in Brevard County for over 60 years and maintains a reputation of excellence.

As a requirement to attend each student will need a Mac or iPad which is used in class, they use apple products as a tool to help inspire student creativity, critical thinking and collaboration with technology, certainly vital and highly important in today’s daily living. This school is accredited by the Florida Council of Independent Schools, Florida Kindergarten Council and is Energy Bus School Certified, St. Mark’s is also a member of the National Association of Episcopal Schools.  T

his school celebrates many special event/traditions a year that such as “Blessing of the Animals Day” which is done in celebration of St. Francis of Assisi (the patron saint of animals) – students can bring their pets to receive a blessing. Another special event is “Chapel Presentations”, which takes place each Wednesday, is when the classes take turns in contributing to the community by creatively presenting something new, they learned in class, this includes the students engaging in public speaking. There are many other events that set St. Mark’s Episcopal Academy apart, take a look at this school’s website above for even more information!

Brevard Adventist Christian Academy
(321) 636-2551

Brevard Adventist Christian Academy is a private school located at 1500 Cox Rd., in Cocoa, Florida. This school has approximately 30 students in grades PK-8, and has a student to teacher ratio of 6:1. BACA places a high focus on not only academic growth but also spiritual growth and place Christ at the center of all they do. Brevard Adventist is a Protestant Christian Church and is proud to use the bible as a sole guide to their beliefs and behaviors, this is portrayed throughout the academic teachings. They aim to help your child grow academically, physically, and socially, as well as spiritually of course. If you are interested in having your child attend this school, or are just looking for information they highly recommend you come in for a tour of the campus and to have an ‘Education Success Consult” with the principal of the school.

Cocoa High School
(321) 632-5300

Cocoa High is a public school located at 2000 Tiger Trail in Cocoa, Fl. This school has approximately 1500 students in grades 7-12 and a student to teacher ratio of 16:1. Cocoa High School is working hard to ensure the academic curriculum improves, and your child grows academically. Cocoa High School has Career Technical Education Programs, a Fine & Performing Arts Department, a Health and Wellness Academy, Dual Enrollment, and their very own iTigers Honors Program. There are plenty of extra-curricular clubs and activities for your child to enjoy as well, including but not limited to; Tiger Geek Society, CHS Robotics Club Bionic Tigers, Yearbook, Band Guard, Student Government Association (SGA), Drama Club, Speech and Debate Club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and the Spanish Honor Society.

If your child is more into sports, the athletic department of Cocoa High School has a wide variety of choices here as well, they even have some more unique choices like bowling. See a full list here: Softball, Swimming and Diving, Baseball, Cheerleading, Boys/Girls Basketball, Boys/Girls Cross Country and Track, Volleyball, Wrestling, Middle School Track, Cheerleading, Boys/Girls Tennis, Boys/Girls Soccer, and Boys/Girls Golf. Between the academics, athletics, and extra-curriculars, the students are taught a number of tools to use towards college readiness and preparing for their future.

Clearlake Middle School

(321) 633-3660

Clearlake Middle School is located at 1225 Clearlake Road, in Cocoa, Fl., and has approximately 475 students in grades 7-8 and a student to teacher ratio of 13:1. Contact the school for more information.

Saturn Elementary School
(321) 633-3535

Saturn Elementary is located at 880 N. Range Road., and has an estimated 765 students in grades PK, K-6, with a student to teacher ratio of 15:1. The student to teacher ratio is slightly lower than other elementary schools in the area which allows of more time spent with each child in the classroom. Saturn Elementary is a title 1 school, and has been working hard to improve state test scores and overall academic achievement of its students. Saturn Elementarys vision is to provide a caring, safe environment in which to challenge all students to become respectful, self-motivated citizens where 100% graduate high school and are ready to enter colleges and workforces of their choice through partnership of school, community and home. A few of the clubs and activities available for your child to attend at Saturn Elementary include: Odyssey of the mind, PE, Art Club, Mindful Club, Media Center Saturn Music Club and more. Check out the school website for more information.

Fairglen Elementary School
(321) 631-1993

Fairglen Elementary School is located at 201 Indian Trail in Cocoa, Fl., and has an estimated 705 students in grades PK, K-6, with a student to teacher ratio of 13:1.  This is a title 1 school, title 1 is the largest federally funded educational program. The main purpose of the program is to provide supplemental funds to school districts to assist with the highest student concentrations of poverty to meet school education goals. Fairglen Elementary School has been working hard to improve test scores and has had great ratings in the past. Take a look at their site if you are interested in having your child attend Fairglen Elementary.

Endeavour Elementary School
(321) 633-3545

Endeavour Elementary School is located at 905 Pineda Street and has approximately 890 students in grades PK-6, with a student to teacher ratio of 15:1.  This school is a title 1 school and is working to improve its “D” rating from the previous year. Before-care and after-care is offered to accommodate parents work schedules. Check out the website for more information.

Space Coast Christian Academy
(321) 636-0865

Space Coast Christian Academy is a highly rated private Christian school, located at 1950 Michigan Ave. There are approximately 136 students in attendance in grades PK-12, with a student to teacher ratio of 19:1. This school has a great track record of success, after graduation, 100% of students from this school have gone on to attend a 4-year college. SCCA has a new and improved curriculum that assists students in becoming better prepared for higher learning and college education. The teachers of this school aim to provide the students with the best education possible, the curriculum complies with state set standards.

Space Coast Christian Academy is accredited by the National Association for Christian Education. A variety of sports and activities is offered for your child to keep them challenged not only academically but also physically, a few of the sports include: Girls Volleyballs, Boys Flag Football, Girls/Boys Basketball, and cheerleading. This school also offers daycare, preschool, after-school care, and even summer camp. If you are interested in your child attending this school, view the website for more details.

Space Coast Jr./Sr. High School
(321) 638-0750

Space Coast Jr./Sr. High School is located at 6150 Banyan Street and has an estimated 1,520 students in grades 7-12, with a student to teacher ratio of 19:1. This school received a “B” rating last year but is working hard to being back its “A” rating. This school offers a number of academic programs for your child to gain valuable knowledge for future studies and career paths, a few of the programs include: CTE Programs, Dual Enrollment at Eastern Florida State College, LAUNCH, VAP Program, curriculums include ATEPS and STEAM.

Space Coast Jr./Sr. High School also offers a wide variety of extracurricular clubs and activities, check out this long list: Yearbook Club, Student Government, Alliance for Human Liberations, Robotics, Spectrum Club, Odyssey of the Mind, Orchestra/Band, Academic Brain Bowl, Chess Club, AFJROTC, Beta Club, Drama Club, Board Game Club, FEA, FCCLA, Geek Society, Knowledge Masters, Mu Alpha Theta, National Honor Society, Future Problem Solvers, Christ on Campus Club and Forensic Speech and Debate. For further info on the clubs and activities offered, academics, or sports take a look at the school’s website.

Enterprise Elementary School
(321) 633-3434

Enterprise Elementary School is located at 7000 Enterprise Road and has an estimated 545 students in grades PK-6. This school was given a “B” rating last year and has consistently maintained an A/B rating for the last 10 years. The Mission/Vision of Enterprise Elementary is to promote an inclusive environment for students, build positive relationships, and provide high quality education to assist and empower life-long, hard-working learners. This school meets or exceeds the required state test scores in reading/language arts and math proficiency. There are a number of clubs and activities offered for your child, and sports as well.

Challenger 7 Elementary School
(321) 636-5801

Challenger 7 Elementary is a highly rated public elementary school located at 6135 Rena Ave. This school has consistently been rated an A/B school for the last decade. There are approximately 525 students in grades PK-6 who attend this school. The student to teacher ratio is 15:1. The mission at Challenger 7 is to create a supportive, caring environment were children and adults feel welcomed, safe, respected, and valued. Diversity is appreciated and honored in the community where the school collaborates to benefit the whole child. There are a number of after school activities and clubs available for your child to participate in. See the website for more information.

Atlantis Elementary School
(321) 633-6143

Atlantis Elementary is located at 7300 Briggs Ave. and has approximately 650 students in grades PK, K-6 and a student to teacher ratio of 15:1. This is a “B” rated school located in Cocoa, Fl. They place an important role on not only academics but also extra-curricular enriching activities and classes such as music, the music room at Atlantis Elementary has many options of instruments for your child to discover. Another enrichment class offered is Art, students will learn the many different forms of art and will be given opportunity to explore and get their creativity flowing. For more information on this wonderful school located in Cocoa, Fl. check out their website or make an appointment to tour the school today.

Cambridge Magnet Elementary School
(321) 633-3550

Cambridge Magnet Elementary School is located at 2000 Cambridge Dr in Cocoa, Fl. This school has a student to teacher ratio of 13:1, and an estimated 640 students in grades PK-6. The 13:1 student to teacher ratio allows for a bit of extra attention to each student in the classroom. In 2009 Cambridge Magnet Elementary became a PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Support) school. What does this mean? Well, PBIS is an approach used to address the behavior of all students and guide them towards more positive behaviors. It helps the students to be safe, respectful, active learners, prepared, and responsible. There are a few clubs and activities offered for students which include but are not limited to: Chess, Drama, Girls STEAM, and Chorus.