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Schools in Mims

Mims Elementary School

Mims Elementary is public school located at2582 US-1, with approximately 490 students in grades PK-6 and a student to teacher ratio of about 13:1. This school has a “C” rating, but is working hard to improve their score. The principal of this school is Sheryl Haskins and the assistant principal is Candace Jones.  Over the last 5 years the school’s population, grades, and number of teachers has decreased. Mims Elementary is a title 1 school, and does have a SIP (School Improvement Plan) in place. It is the principal’s goal to improve the school, to help support the students and further their education. The schools mission statement is “To serve every student with excellence as the standard.

Pinewood Elementary School
(321) 269-4530

Pinewood Elementary school is located at 3757 Old Dixie Hwy and teaches grade PK-6. There are approximately 530 students who attend Pinewood Elementary and the student to teacher ratio is 15:1. This school had a “B” rating for 2018 but did have an “A” rating for multiple consecutive years previously! This school places a high importance on achieving academic goals and helping its students reach their full potential to prepare them for the future. There are also before and after school activities/aftercare to help students, and help accommodate the parents busy schedule. The Principal of Pinewood Elementary is Mitzi Robinson, she has been working in the Brevard Public Schools system since 1994, and has been the principal at Pinewood for a number of years. The assistant principal Melanie Nelson, is a great addition the Pinewood Elementary family and has spent many years teaching different grades at different schools throughout Brevard County. This is a title 1 school, and has dedicated plans in place to continue to enrich the lives of each and every student who walks through its doors. This is a quality choice school for your child.