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Schools in Suntree

Suntree Elementary School
(321) 242-6480

Suntree Elementary is a wonderful “A” rated school, located at 900 Jordan Blass Drive. This school has students from grades PK-6, has approximately 657 students and a student to teacher ratio of 15:1. This school does an excellent job at ensuring students excel in academics, according to state test scores, 85% or more of students are proficient in math and 81% or more are proficient in reading. The principal of Suntree Elementary is Dr. Shari Tressler and Paige Trosset is the Assistant Principal, both of these wonderful school administrators have been serving the Brevard County Public School system for many years. Besides a stellar track record for higher than average academic success, Suntree Elementary offers quite the variety of extra-curricular activities. Code Club, which focuses on computer science and learning of the coding process. Some of the other clubs include: future problem solvers club, running club, kindness club, odyssey of the mind, safety patrol, science fair, TV productions and BAS enrichment activities. The teachers at Suntree Elementary aim to help each student reach their potential. This goal is echoed in the schools Mission/Vision: “Responsible citizens inspired by passion and purpose – skilled at helping the world achieve its potential”.

Suntree Montessori School
(321) 254-7500

Suntree Montessori is a private school located at 2990 Business Center Blvd. This school teaches children through the ages of 3-6. This school has approximately 20 students and a student to teacher ratio of approximately 6:1. The VPK program offered by Suntree Montessori is second to none, and has 100% kindergarten readiness rating. The VPK program has a developmentally appropriate focus on math, reading, geography and story writing to prepare the students for Kindergarten. This program meets or exceeds what is required according to Florida Early Learning and Development Standards for 4-year olds.  There are 3 class options available: AM Montessori which is a 3-hour complete class, from 8:30am – 11:30 am. The next option is an Extended Day which is an extension of the AM class and is for kindergarten children and focuses on science, math, Spanish, and advanced language, 8:30 am – 2:30 pm. The last class option offered is a Full day, from 7:00 am – 5:30 pm, this program was designed keeping parents busy schedules in mind, perfect for the parent who needs an all-day program.

The Montessori teaching approach is unique focuses not on controlling the child, but controlling the environment, with a goal of allowing the development of the child natural sense of self-discipline, concentration and motivation. The role of the Montessori teacher differs substantially from that of a more traditional teacher. Montessori teachers get specific training on closely observing the child to learn their individual needs and interests, she reinforces in a positive manner. The teaching is patient and gentle yet also consistent and firm which allows the child the freedom to make choices and develop a sense of responsibility. This school offers a great academic start for your child.