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Schools in West Melbourne

Meadowlane Intermediate School
(321) 722-5539

Meadowlane Intermediate School is located at 2700 Wingate Blvd in West Melbourne, Fl. Meadowlane Intermediate was given a “B” rating last year but has had many “A” ratings in the years prior and is striving for an A rating for the next year. This school has approximately 1,010 students in grades 3-6 and a student to teacher ratio of 16:1.

Highly rated academics include a gifted student program, music, media, art, guidance, physical education speech and more. There is also quite the number of clubs and activities available to your student including but not limited to: Art Club, Dove Bible Club, Library Assistants. Sunshine Club, FPS, Kickin’ Chorale, LEGO League, Orchestra, Running Club, TV Production Team, Running Club and more! According to state test scores, 64% of students are at least proficient in reading and 73% of students are at least proficient in math.

Central Middle School
(321) 722-4150

Central Middle School is located at 2600 Wingate Blvd. and has approximately 1,121 students in grades 7-8.  This is a “B” rated school and has a student to teacher ratio of 18:1. The percentage of students achieving proficiency in Math and Reading/Language arts is higher than the state average and has improved in previous years. The principal of Central Middle School is Todd Scheuerer, he was born and raised right in Melbourne, Fl., and has dedicated his career to bettering the education of the students of Brevard County. The assistant principal is Lorri Benjamin, she is a bit newer to the Brevard County school system but still has an extensive background in education and has been serving Brevard County students for a number of years, both principal and assistant principal have Masters Degrees in education. 

Central Middle school has quite the rollout when it comes to academics, athletics and clubs and activities for your child to get involved in and become a part of.  A few academic focuses include; AVID elective which is a curriculum in which students are able to learn organizational and study skills, further their critical thinking skills, fearlessly ask questions, get academic help, tutors, all while participating in motivational and enriching activities to prepare them for college. A few of the clubs and activities offered at Central Middle School include but are not limited to: student council, band, innovation lab makerspace, chorus, national junior honor society, orchestra, drone club, guitar, odyssey of the mind, central stage, and FCA. With a high importance placed on physical education, sports offered at the school include track, cheerleading, girls’ and boys’ basketball and dance team. Plenty of ways for your middle schooler to get involved.

Meadowlane Primary/Intermediate School
(321) 723-6354

Meadowlane Primary School is a “B” rated elementary school in West Melbourne, FL. This school is located at 2800 Wingate Blvd. and serves approximately 750 students in grades PK-2. The student to teacher ratio is 13:1, which is lower than the state average. Meadowlane Primary is getting closer and closer to achieving an “A” rating. The percentage of students that are proficient in Math is approximately 85% which is higher than the state average of 68%, and the percentage of students who are proficient in reading/language arts is approximately 87% which is higher than the state average of 62%. Those percentages actually rank Meadowlane Primary within the top 10% of schools in the state based solely off math/reading/language arts proficiency scores.

This school offers a few clubs and activities for students to participate in, including: Makerspace Club, Meadow Lane BAS, OM – Odyssey of the mind, WMPE Morning Show Club, Coding Club, and Book Club. Meadowlane has been located off Minton Road, since 1961, interestingly enough, before that it was open for a year at the airport in a building that had been a Naval Hospital. The school has outgrown the current building, so in 2008 the students of Meadowlane started being housed at two campuses, the second site is directly next to Meadowlane Primary School and is called Meadowlane Intermediate Elementary School and has grades 4-6.

Meadowlane Intermediate Elementary School
(321) 722-5539

Meadowlane Intermediate Elementary School is located at 2700 Wingate Blvd. The children of West Melbourne started attending this school in 2007-2008, when Meadowlane Primary split into 2 campuses. This school teaches grades 3-6 and has approximately 929, with a student to teacher ratio of 16:1. Meadowlane Intermediate is an “A” rated school, and has made and maintained significant gains in the previous years.

There is a high importance on academics, and the students are provided with a well-rounded curriculum which includes but is certainly not limited to: A Gifted Student Program, Speech Classes, Art Classes, Physical Education, Guidance Counselors, Music/Media Classes and much more. Clubs and Activities include: ASP Math Club, Youth Leadership Team, Safety Patrol, ASP Reading, TV Production Team, Sign Language Club, National Honor Society, Art Club, Dove Bible Club, Sunshine Club, FPS, Lego League, Kickin’ Choral Club (chorus) and Library Assistants. This school aims to prepare its students for a bright and successful future with a school mission that reads: “Meadowlane Intermediate Elementary students will achieve life-long learning skills that will enable them to be productive and successful citizens in the future.”

West Melbourne Elementary School for Science
(321) 956-5040

West Melbourne Elementary School is located at 2255 Meadowlane Ave. and is a highly rated public school and has always maintained an ‘A” rating. This school has approximately 550 students in the grades PK-6, with a student to teacher ratio of 15:1. According to state test scores, at least 92% of the students are proficient in reading and at least 84% of the students are proficient in reading. The goal of WMSS is: “to provide a challenging curriculum in a caring and nurturing environment that promotes student learning and good citizenship.”

WMSS is committed to STEAM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math), providing environments throughout the campus allowing the students to immerse themselves in the depths of technology and incorporate engineering, science, design challenges, music, math and art along the way. Students have the opportunity to learn BPS Best Practices for researching online to become competent in Office and Google Applications, keyboarding skills, and much more. Some students will also have the opportunity to learn beginners coding through free online resources such as Tynker, Code and Scratch, explore robotics through Legos Club and more. This school is the school for bright minds that reach for the stars. WMSS offers a number of clubs and activities as well, including but not limited to: Chess, Odyssey of the Mind, Future Problem Solvers, Dove Bible Club, Lego Club, Gardening Club and CCTV (Student News Club).

Imagine Schools of West Melbourne
(321) 768-6200

Imagine Schools of West Melbourne is a public Charter School located at 3355 Imagine Way, and had a “C” rating for the 2018-2019 school year. This school has approximately 350 students in grades K-6 and a student to teacher ratio of 13:1. Imagine schools aims for a high level of learning and places an importance on academics that guides the students towards success. The curriculum used is unique and sets Imagine Schools apart from other schools throughout Brevard, and is characterized by intense academic standards that can lead to higher achievement for all students at the school. Students and teacher are offered and provided with world class learning opportunities which focus on: reflection and exchange of ideas, learner centered results, interdisciplinary thematic units, authentic and challenging materials and activities, personal and global perspectives, critical thinking and creative problem solving, a hands-on, minds-on approach to learning, and technology as a learning tool. 

Imagine Schools prides itself on using this specific curriculum and attaining the Cambridge Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE). Because it’s never too early to start preparing children for the world academically, this program offers a pre-university, international examination system and curriculum that shines light on the value of a balanced and broad area of study for students. The Cambridge Curriculum develops learners who are: engaged, reflective, innovative, confident, responsible and more. Check out Imagine Schools website for more information regarding education and programs offered.