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Preparing Your Home For Sale

Getting your home ready to sell

A thorough cleaning and some minor repairs can go a long way to give a buyer a great impression when comparing your home to other homes for sale. It is always a good idea to make a list of recent improvements or upgrades that you have done to the home. Your real estate agent can utilize this valuable information in the marketing of your home. Your list should include items such as: remodels, new paint, new roof, things you have done since you have owned the home.

When preparing your home for sale, remember that recent upgrades can be beneficial in a buyer's decision in choosing your home. If you put your money into the wrong type of improvement, you will not get your money back. But, if you upgrade correctly, your investment is worth the effort. Keep in mind that the payback will be better on improvements that are in demand and conform to neighborhood standards. The type of project you do and how it fits in with other homes in the area can have a big influence on your return on investment.

Staging is Critical

Staging your home is important in the appeal of your home to the prospective buyer. Neutral colors sell. It's a fact. Try to convey an image of quality and neutrality. When a potential buyer walks through your home, they should be able to imagine themselves as the owners. If you use styles or colors they would never select, you've just turned away a buyer. Satin paints yield the most flattering aura in both natural and staged lighting. When you have a call for a showing, turn on all the lights you can. If you have music, that's even better. Create a peaceful atmosphere, and refrain from cooking strong odor foods. Above all else, remove un-needed furniture, de-clutter an area or space.