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Selling Your Home? Buyers May Pay More for These Perks

Posted: October 1st, 2020

Pricing your home for sale can be a more challenging task than you’d assume. Much more than just picking a random number and adjusting it if your home doesn’t move, determining the right price for your home involves researching the current market, assessing the state and upkeep of your home, creating curb appeal, and more. The right price can help ensure that your home is quickly scooped up by the right buyer; the wrong price can leave you frustrated and despondent that your house just won’t move.

What do buyers look for in a home? 

As we briefly mentioned above, there are a handful of key factors that buyers pay close attention to when searching for a home. First and foremost, as the old saying goes, “Location, location, location!” Selling a home in a desirable neighborhood and location is a good indicator that your property should move fairly quickly. You also want to ensure that your home’s sale price is comparable to other recent sales in your area.

Of course, interested buyers will also pay close attention to the home’s condition. This is one of the reasons why curb appeal is so important: a homeowner who takes great care of the exterior of their home probably keeps the interior well-maintained, too. We discussed in a previous blog that certain home improvement projects will increase the value of your home, like installing new appliances or adding a granite counter to the bathroom. 

Unexpected home features that make a difference

Beyond the basics of finding a good home, what buyers look for in their ideal homes varies widely; after all, everyone’s tastes are different! However, Zillow has noted a handful of surprising trends when it comes to what buyers want. 

Trendy, “as-seen-on-TV” home decor

We live in an age when interior designers are rockstars, with their own shows on HGTV and their own product lines in major department stores. According to real estate market trends, homes with popular features like farmhouse sinks and barn doors tend to sell at a premium compared to their more standard counterparts. They also tend to move off the market much more quickly, demonstrating just how important visual appeal is in real estate.

A nearby Starbucks

You read that right--buyers are more likely to pay more for a home that’s in close proximity to a Starbucks, according to a 2015 report. Homes near Dunkin Donuts, too, appreciated in value more than their non-caffeinated neighbors. The appearance of one of these high-end coffee shops within a quarter-mile of a neighborhood indicates that the area caters to a high-end clientele, thus improving your home’s value in a potential buyer’s eyes.

Blue bathrooms and kitchens

Possibly the most surprising on the list, a 2017 paint color analysis showed that homes with blue bathrooms and kitchens went for more than those with other colors. From light blues to deep navy, a cool neutral blue wall gives the space a well-cared-for appearance and sets the tone for tranquility and comfort.

Keeping track of all the features and upgrades you need to make your home sell is a lot to handle for an individual. When you work with an Ellingson Properties seller’s agent, you’re in great hands. Your agent knows the latest market trends in Brevard County and knows how to present what buyers are looking for in a home. To learn more or to start on your home-selling journey, call Ellingson Properties at 321-750-7050 today.